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Hi, my name is Juan David De Jesus. It is a bit difficult for me to write about myself...but here goes: I have a consulting firm called Sun Pacific Consulting Solutions. I have also worked at Warner Bros, Disney, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox and Activision. I also give much of my time to an orphanage. This experience has truely been rewarding for me. Seeing the children grow up with happy and healthy lives gives me a lot of joy. I also like to fly airplanes. Soaring through the silent whispers of air also brings me a great joy...a joy I wish I could share with everyone. I have been flying since I was 16 years old. As far as sports, I love soccer. I am grateful to our Creator for life and health...for the ocean and the mountains...for all these beautiful things that we have around us. I really like going to the beach as the sun is going down and feel the warm cooling sand between my toes, feel the sea breeze and watch all of the sea gulls that are sitting there facing the setting sun as if in prayer. Moments later the whole ocean is glowing blue, red and orange and the distinction between sky, sea and earth is blurred...Creator and creation are joined.  

Les saludo a todos con mucho cariño y con un abrazo fuerte deseando que al leer estas palabras se encuentren alegres y llenos de paz. Quizás no nos conozcamos pero dado que nos encontramos aquí les ofrezco mi amistad pura, sencilla y sincera, especialmente a los más tristes y solos. Me gusta conocer a las personas porque cuando cruzamos caminos y no nos saludamos, quizás jamás en toda la vida nos volvemos a ver y perdemos la gran riqueza de añadir las experiencias compartidas de momentos alegres y almacenar los recuerdos. Pues ya compartí un trozo de mi vida. Con los brazos abiertos les pido que me permitan mirarles a los ojos para poder ver a Jesús. Mi corazón grita por dentro y añora su presencia como añora el venado el dulce corriente de agua de los ríos. Dejar que Jesús se acercara a mí ha sido la mejor decisión de mi vida. Ya no tengo miedo. ¿Te animas?

Professional Experience

Juan David De Jesus has more than 20 years of senior level professional management experience and has worked as a financial executive at private sector and senior financial positions in public sector companies.  He has extensive experience as a tax professional for corporations and individuals. He is an effective manager of business resources and technologies with proven ability and expertise with financial software to enhance organizational performance and productivity.  He has extensive experience with all phases of financial management including project management, compliance, audits, re-organizations, operational analysis, financial modeling and strategic planning.   


Principal Areas of Practice

Seasoned finance professional
Experienced Tax Professional
Experienced CFO/Director of Finance
Strategic planning
Operational management
SOX compliance training and implementations
Budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting
Extensive compliance and risk management experience

Major Projects

Implementation of financial and accounting controls

·         Responsible for directing an organization's overall financial policies.

·         Oversee all financial functions including accounting, budget, credit, insurance, tax, and treasury.

·         Design and coordinate a wide variety of accounting and statistical data and reports.

·         Implemented standardized formats, schedules, and templates to review and track results down to a local reporting level.

·         Provided oversight including the consolidation and review of all capital expenditure plans of cross-functional groups.

Sarbanes Oxley Consultant

·         Provide internal review of international entertainment software company and project management of findings.

·         Review company's internal controls. Conduct global risk assessment.

·         Document business processes and test internal controls. Maintain and update basic process documentation. Test controls. Remediate weak controls revealed by testing. Evaluate results of testing. Conclude on effectiveness.

·         Provide resource assistance for conducting a detailed review of current processes.

·         Develop a standard approach to risk assessment management.

·         Implement selected recommendations from process review.

·         Monitor on-going SOX internal control compliance.

·         Document, prepare and issue SOX audit-finding reports for management and Audit-Committee review. Trained finance team and managed compliance effort at national health care organization

·         Created training manual for executives of major company

 Consulting Services

·         Tax professional preparing tax for corporations and individuals.

·         Financial Participation for the Financial Reporting & Budgeting department.

·         Royalty Analysis for Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

·         Preparation of monthly and annual Theatrical & TV ultimate reporting to senior Warner Bros. management.

·         Providing business financial analysis to analyze accounting records to determine financial resources required to implement programs and makes recommendations for budget allocations to ensure conformance to budgetary limits.

·         International Controllership at Disney.

·         Expert Excel skills.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Everything I Do I Do It For You

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